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Kayaks For Sale
In A Zone 232 Pictures

Two Great Whitewater Boats for Sale:
Prynha   In a Zone 232
Perception Java

The "In a Zone" is one of the best all around boats out there.  It surfs and plays well but has enough volume to be comfortable in bigger water.  This boat is from the second generation of  In A Zones.  As you can see in the pictures it has the re-designed seat and the ratcheting backband.  The boat is a few years old but has seen only moderate use.  It has standard wear for this age boat,  Lots of good times left.  See link at left for pictures.


Perception Java in good shape.  This yellow java is the perception creek boat of choice.  It is an excellent creek boat for the smaller paddler.  In good condition, no hard creeking.  Outfiting looks good, comfy thigh braces and seat.   Adjustable bulkhead gives a tight fit. See link at left for pictures.


I am located about one hour east of Portland OR in Hood River.  Please email or call me with any questions, or to set up a time to check out the boats.