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Carpet Kit For Sale
Aditional Pics


Here Is a page of info and pics for the Truck Bed Carpet Kit I am selling. This is a great unit to make more functional use out of the back of your pickup truck. It can be used as a bed for two during camping trips or as a handy way to store tools, emergency supplies, or just about anything. See below and the next page for more pictures, information, and price.



The Kit came out of the back of a 2001 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. It was custom built to fit a standard size bed with the factory bed liner installed. It is constructed of Flake board on a frame of 2x2's . As you can see all surfaces are covered in a heavy duty indoor/outdoor carpet. The surfaces on the top have a 3/8 inch foam pad underneath.

As you can see in the pictures the whole kit is only 4 pieces. The 2 side boxes, and the 2 middle platforms. The midle pieces can either rest on the bed of the truck or be put up on the rails to create a flat level surface. No bolting or instilation is required. The slight pressure on the tailgate holds it in place. You can have the unit in, and ready to go, in about a minute.

There are 3 compartments in each of the side boxes. The front and back compartments are completly enclosed. They make a perfect place to store food and other things you don't want 'critters' getting into. The middle compartment is construcetd with no sides or bottom so that it fits around the wheel well. A load of storage can also be found under the middle if the kit made into a bed. I frequently use this space to store valauble items, like skis, out of sight. The whole thing is made very solid and easily suppports 2 peple sleeping on top.


A great deal at $100!!
I live near Hood River OR, about one hour east of Portland. I would be wiling to drive about an hour, but don't have a lot of time for anything else. Unforunately I HAVE NO IDEA if the kit will fit in the bed of a truck other than a Toyota Tacoma with a bed liner. You must come check it out for yourself. I think that with a few basic tools it would be easy to modify it to suit your needs.

Please see the link at the left for more pictures. I have heard a company on the net sells this type of unit for over $300! For questions or more information please email me at the address below. If you'd like to chat about it I can send you my phone number.

Thanks For Looking,
Kevin Fox